Collectible NFT Badges

Create blockchain-based digital badges for your community. Badges are ERC-721 NFT tokens, so users can collect, buy, sell, and trade them anywhere.

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ERC-721 NFT Tokens

Why Badges?

Collectible NFT Badges allow users in communities all over the world to collect, own, and even trade digital badges they obtain and earn online.

With Badges, you can easily rep the things you love on social media or online communities. As the number of Badges grows, users will have more options to show off their achievements and the things they care about.

Buy & Sell Badges in the Marketplace

Have your eye on a special badge? Want to sell or trade up? Badges are built on the ERC-721 token standard, so you can easily buy and sell them in NFT marketplaces.

ERC-721 Contract Name: Badges (BADGE)

Verify authenticity on the Ethereum blockchain: https://etherscan.io/token/0xcbe97b62cf415bcb383d3aa68cb88a4b4d3653bb

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